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  • 2023
  • Year Built



🛥️ Feadship’s highly secretive 103m superyacht Ulysses has been delivered. 🌊

🛥️ Ulysses Yacht • Feadship (Hull 1011) • 2023 • Owner Graeme Hart   


👤 Graeme and Robin Hart

🚢 The Ulysses yacht, a 103-meter masterpiece built by renowned shipyard Feadship, exemplifies modern yacht design. This vessel, owned by New Zealand billionaire Graeme Hart, is a beacon of nautical innovation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ulysses, a 103-meter superyacht, is a testament to Feadship’s excellence in yacht design and construction.
  • Feadship’s design features an elegant exterior and extensive glasswork for stunning ocean views.
  • The yacht includes Feadship’s luxurious amenities like outdoor hot tubs, a swimming pool, and a helicopter hangar.
  • Innovative interior design by Feadship maximizes guest space, influencing the yacht design industry.
  • Ulysses combines Feadship’s luxury with impressive technical capabilities, including advanced navigation systems.
  • The yacht, reflecting Feadship’s commitment to quality, offers both high performance and comfort for guests and crew.

Feadship’s Design and Engineering Excellence

  • Feadship’s expertise shines in Ulysses’ design, featuring a sleek exterior with a bold vertical bow. The yacht’s extensive exterior glasswork, a hallmark of Feadship’s innovative approach, offers panoramic views of the ocean.

Luxurious Amenities by Feadship

  • Ulysses is adorned with signature Feadship luxury, including multiple outdoor hot tubs, a full-height main deck swimming pool, and a spacious helicopter hangar.

Innovative Interior Layout by Feadship

  • Feadship’s forward-thinking design is evident in Ulysses’ interior layout, with a single-deck engine room that enhances guest space, a significant evolution in yacht interior planning.

Feadship’s Technical Mastery

  • Ulysses showcases Feadship’s technical prowess, featuring large glass panels, a 15-meter tender garage door – the largest ever by Feadship, and state-of-the-art navigational systems.

Performance and Capacity

  • Built for performance and comfort, Ulysses, crafted by Feadship, has a top speed of 17 knots and accommodates 20 guests and 30 crew members.

Yacht Ulysses Owner

  • Graeme Hart, a US billionaire known for his astute business acumen, is a prominent figure in the yachting world. He owns the impressive Ulysses yacht, a testament to his taste for luxury and innovation. In addition to Ulysses, Hart also owns the support vessel U-81, designed to complement and support Ulysses on its voyages. Furthermore, he possesses the yacht Here Comes The Sun, which serves as an intermediate yacht. Hart’s history in yacht ownership includes the sale of his previous vessels, the Kleven Ulysses (now MULTIVERSE) and the smaller Kleven, now known as Andromeda, to Yuri Milner, showcasing his dynamic presence in the world of luxury yachting.

Formerly known as Feadship 1011, she belongs to Graeme Hart, New Zealand’s wealthiest man. 🔍 Ulysses was kept under wraps until recently when she was spotted on transport from Feadship’s Makkum site to its Amsterdam facility. 🚢

This marked the first time her distinctive clean lines and squared-off deck design were seen since her launch in October 2023. 🔑 Dutch studio Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design is behind the exterior, featuring 1,100 square metres of exterior glass and twenty exterior sliding doors. 🏗️

The project is the fourth largest Feadship to date. 🔍 The yard was challenged to maintain many elements from the owner’s previous yacht, condensed into a smaller package. 🛥️ Key features include a 15-metre-long tender garage, four exterior hot tubs, a swimming pool covering the entire height of the main deck, and a concealed helicopter hangar. 🚢

The yacht is an all-Dutch build, with naval architecture by Azure Yacht Design. 💬 This marks the 10th collaboration between Feadship and Sinot. 💬 Feadship director and CEO, Henk de Vries, expressed admiration for the client’s collaboration, pushing design and engineering boundaries. 🛳️

Damen Yachting’s U-81 will serve as Ulysses’ support vessel.

Name: Ulysses
Length: 103m (337 ft)
Guests: 20 in 10 cabins
Crew: 30 in 15 cabins
Builder: Feadship
Designer: Sinot Yacht Design
Interior Designer: Sinot Yacht Design
Year: 2023
Speed: 17 knots
Engines: Caterpillar
Volume: 2,999 ton
IMO: 9927940
Price: $325million
Annual Running Cost: $20-30 million
Owner: Graeme Hart



Flag  Marshall Is
IMO 9927940
MMSI 538072099
Call sign V7A6377
AIS transponder class Class A
General vessel type Pleasure Craft
Detailed vessel type Pleasure Craft


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Updated on May 10, 2024 at 1:59 pm
  • Property ID: 133242
  • Price: €320,000,000
  • Property Type: FEADSHIP
  • Property Status: Sold
  • Yacht Name: Ulysses
  • Ship Yard: Feadship
  • Yacht Designer: Sinot Yacht Design
  • Interior Designer: Sinot Yacht Design
  • IMO: 9927940
  • MSSI: 538072099
  • Meters: 103

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